Posted by: Gcruler1 | July 6, 2007

Pins, Clothes, and Free itmes, Oh my!

There is a new pin which is a rain drop in the dance lodge.


Also there is a new free item, which has come back:


Also there is a new clothing catalouge. completed with the scuba helmet (not hidden), fire fighters suit, roller skates, sumbraro, brown sandals, and silver wristwatch. Hidden items: click on scube helmet: re viking helmet, open and close 4 times for blue. Drum sticks: swim goggles. Flower basket: blue cape.



  1. do u want me to be part of this site cause i can just leave me a comment

  2. u mean admin?

  3. Can I be part of this site? PLZ!
    Editors Note: u mean admin?

  4. Y you quit the cp armies! ansewer me at

  5. COOL !!!!

  6. slimball2007 i did not quit the CP armies. anyway anyone know y there could of been 2 puffles in the pin picture???????????? i honestly didnt edit that. even if i did im not the good.

  7. I SUCK!!!!!!!!!
    Editor’s note: Yes you do.

  8. How can i be free member ? add me in MSN pls!
    Gjmc784: There is no way to be a member for free. Me or no one on this staff works for CP. I dont know how to add people on MSN. Sorry


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