Posted by: tryrye | July 23, 2007


Hi, i am TryRye and i am the new administrator of this website! My website is thanks!




  1. hi. I have a diff cp website and I cant post on clubpenguin wordpress basiclly the page where everyone advertitses about cp like where u just posted this and I wish I can post there but I cant cuz like i said I have a blogspot site not wordpress so can you advertise anytime before 1:00 ” party at beetleblue’s igloo, mammoth server, 1pm which is 10:00 am cp time, today” if you can, thank you sooooooooooooo much I will be sooo happy! plz! I wish I can advertise there but I just cant. thanx if u cud. and remember, anytime before 1:00 pm. thanx!!

  2. and if u wanna reply to this, just reply on my blog thanx!


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