Posted by: Gcruler1 | September 25, 2007


Me and York0910 are still trying to make this site the best. And I came up with a contest which York was ok with (I’d never do something without someone else who works here’s ok). Anyway this contest will end on on September 31st, which is next Monday(I think…). The winner will get to be an author that is incharge of the Funny Pic page. I will put up all of mine then thats it. I won’t make any more. Anyway just leave a comment if you wanna entering saying:

Penguin name: (Gjmc784)

Email: (

Why you think you should be in charge of funny pics: (Cuase Monkeys rule, lol)

Stuff in parenthesis “( )” is my answer, and I couldnt think of anything for the last one. Anyway York will be unleashing a new page to help this site even better if not it will be the York business page that will be gone).




  1. Penguin Name:Nakib

  2. you know mine duh i was your admin

  3. alexcheers
    u know mine :]


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