Posted by: Gcruler1 | September 28, 2007

Contests CLOSED

We only got 3 enterants, Nakib, Alexcheers, and Brent1009. Both my friends so it will be fair.

Here are the results….Drum roll please!!!!!!!

Nakib: You didnt say why you think I should pic you. Thats gonna be a tough point loss.

Brent1009: You told me in private, so no one beleive he doesnt count. You did tell me everything. He told me a GOLDEN reason. Thats gonna be a lot of extra points.

Alexcheers: Very good. Good reason. Might not be good enough to beat Brent.


Email adress: 10

CP Name: 10

Reason: 50

If its a good reason: 30

Total: 100

Nakib: 20, sorry but you left no reason and that -80 points.

Brent: Lets see, everything. + Golden reason. 110.

Alex: everything. 100/100

Brent1009 is the Winner! Congrats! And sorry to Alex and Nakib, good eforts though. Maybe next time! 🙂

And no I didnt pick my best friend of those three. It was a fair contest.




  1. its me!!!!!!!!!Cool site!!!!!!!!

  2. thx

  3. hey thanks for being my buddy gjmc. Im Ginnpig
    Gjmc784: No problem!

  4. thanks


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