Posted by: Gcruler1 | October 2, 2007

3000 hits and countdown and news, oh my!

Well we got 3,000 hits yesterday, but I wanted to add it on this post today ( planned ahead ). Me and York might not throw a party. We aren’t the best at partys.

Secondly, I wanna have a countdown to halloween. Just comment each day how many days are left. Ill do the first day. More then one person can comment each day for the amount of days left. Also 2 days left ( not counting Friday ) untill the new catelouge comes out! I hope they make a pumpkin suit or something like that. Also they should make penuin pin or black cat pin. Even a ladder pin.

Finally, yesterday we got 180 views, which is extremely amazing cause it was Monday, a school and work day.



  1. We Are Working Hard On This Site

  2. Yes we are York
    29 days let!

  3. ok but when is it?

  4. When is what?

  5. 28 DAYS LEFT! lol

  6. 27


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