Posted by: Gcruler1 | October 3, 2007

Just so you know

I have came up with a work sheet for this site, but I cant announce this untill York knows. Also Brent is no longer working on this site. I will not say why, cause that would not be nessacary. Brent knows what he did wron, even though he wouldnt admit it. Brent think about what I told you.

Also When I have been getting on meebo a lot lately, some message alwyas has to say: Come on I know your there. If I don’t respond to what you say within 10 minutes when it says I am offline, Im offline. I also sent many ideas to CP today. They said they might use them too!!! If a Black cat pin comes out, that was my idea!!!!


  1. uh gjmc i said i cant make picture for funny pictures no offence but you need to calm down when im talking

  2. I was mad cause you weren’t doing your job.

  3. gjmc i was i just didnt know that i was supposed to do funny pictures page.but then when you told me you wouldn’t let me talk and you did that.

  4. gjmc rocks

  5. Yes I do

  6. so do you forgive me for what i said? plz im begging! i really wanna be friends


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