Posted by: Gcruler1 | October 4, 2007


Now all this crap on staff cause me to be pelted with crap all inside my head. Me and York0910 talked and finally agreed on this.

Manager was divided with three winners.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday is when Brent posts.

Saturday and Sunday is when Alexcheers posts.

Pengy Frost posts if Brent or Alex can’t.


Party and Hits manager: Jessica10234.

Funny pics author: still open

General Manager who goes out and gets people to add this site to there blogroll. Concon54!

I still post on Friday for new stuff and if I need to will post any other day. Manager for that dy can still post though.

York0910 can still post anydau too, and same follows. Just he posts newspaper Thursday too.

Next person ( Or if sonmeone has and it hasnt been seen yet ) to enter for Funny pics author gets job.



  1. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. np for York and Gjmc

  3. your welcome pengy.

  4. Holla!
    I’m confused :mrgreen: But this doesn’t apply to me anyway!

  5. Ok. Its just who does what on our site. Also, can you be on Summit, 3PST, and me and York will be there. We are meeting someone else there. too! Think you can make it?


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