Posted by: Gcruler1 | October 7, 2007

Screw Hotmail

The F****** Hotmil won’t let me send F****** emails! It says shit that I have to renew my damned hotmail. I do, and it gives me letters or audio ( audio sucks ) and I type in the EXACT characters in the EXACT order they appear. It says its wrong. My email now is ( its older )

Also Alexcheers you never posted yesterday. and Pengy Frost you never backed up with a post. Don’t let that happened again.


Updated: I got a new email. Please refer to this email now.



  1. Um….how do you post cause i tried to and it wouldnt let me so its not my fault.

  2. ok. thats fine

  3. ok

  4. omg gjmc im so flippin srry 😦 im really sad about it im just uncomfortable u got in trouble because of me and my big mouth:(
    but i got in trouble too it turns out my little cousin saw ur post and got me in trouble for being on ur site 😦

  5. Gjmc!!!
    I changed my meebo on my site.
    You need to become my buddy.On meebo

  6. DUDE im sooooo sorry
    i was busy on those days
    and i couldnt get on my CPU that much


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