Posted by: Gcruler1 | October 8, 2007

Jessica10234 Party


If you cant read that:

Jessica10234 Party

When: Saturday, October 20

What: 1000 hits party

Time: 3PM PST

Where: Snowy river, falg 4, in Gjmc784 igloo on map.

Me and York will be there too!



  2. Gjmc can you plz add me to ur blogroll?
    And Check out my new page on my site!
    I need you to be in one of the episodes of my new TV show since you did’nt get to be in CPIE4(sonce it got cancled)
    We gcan meet up on meebo some time.
    This is the URL to me new page(about new TV Show)

  3. Jessica I be there

  4. okay york

  5. can i come please i never get invited to partys

  6. ya everybody is invited

  7. thanks guys! i appreciat ya both

  8. sure i don’t care every body can come cassa (cause its my party)

  9. thanks jessica your soooo cool i hope i can meet you on meebo soon to


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