Posted by: York0910 | October 13, 2007

Ninjas Are Coming To CP

Ninja Shadow



Ski Lodge:




  1. OH YA!

  2. I couldnt wait

  3. You will never catch me!

  4. york and gjmc rock

  5. havent those always been there?
    Gjmc784: No

  6. OOOOH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What will they do to u??

  7. i saw a ninja under the fish and in the window in the lodge

  8. the ninjas will be released this year. Another ninja is at the Mountain at the bottom of the metal bar that holds the ski lift and you will see the head of a ninja. More information on the ninja swill be coming soon.

    Reply here or at:

    Ninja On!

  9. What do Ninja do to yo??

  10. I know what it is!!! Remember the myth. IF you sit in the Dojo in November for 30 mintutes with out moving and talking. But if you dont move auto disconnect . Be connect by clicking on your player card. And three ninjas will come and carry you way to become one. It is close to November. I will try it.
    Brent10009: yes everyone has heard of that. But is it true? well we have to find out and i will be trying too.

  11. Actually the myth is stay in one place for 30 minutes without moving and 3 ninjas will come and they will ask you and you have to say yes or no quick and if that doesn’t work you will have to do it when your at least 310 days old! So if the 30 minutes thing doesn’t work do it in November when you are over 310 days old.

  12. Oh and there is another sign at the bottom of the top of the ski lift like the mountain.

  13. =l

  14. Hi its billybob i am just saying ninjas are coming they will be here in a few weeks until the waddle on

  15. Hi once again its billybob clubpenguin is going to have ninjas they will be in the next mission and you can become one if you do the mission and then go to the dojo and wait for thirty minutes we got that idea from lots of people saying that until the waddle on

  16. thx Billybob

  17. Hi its billybob just saying we will be having a party at the dojo on the forth of november i is a secret one it is because ninjas are cominh until then waddle on

  18. oh i forgot those shadows lots of people have been talking about are not ninjas they were just showing about the secret party at the dojo tomorrow i will be the on the crunch server be sure to meet me until then waddle on

  19. Hi billybob here just here to say you should be good friends with all the penguins turk9000 is a very good friend i think he is my best friend he is on my buddy list

  20. oh i forgot to mention turk9000 is a ninja and i am to if you have any qustions ask me until then waddle on

  21. i will be there

  22. Hi its turk just saying that being a ninja is cool but billybob forgot to mention that that after the christmas party you will be able to become ghost hunters until then waddle on

  23. Hi its billybob i did forget to mention about being ghost hunters if you have qustions about club penguin just ask they can be about the chirstmas party or anything until then waddle on

  24. Hi its billybob just saying there will be a new room just for ninjas it will be up in the hills if any of you have any qustions just ask until then waddle on

  25. Hi its paintboy just saying i am leaving clubpenguin here is my pasword and user name my password is cool746 and my username is paintboy 100 try it out

  26. Hi its turk just coming to say i am going to be giving tip and cheats for the christmas party

  27. hi its turk just so you know i work with cp

  28. You will here a lot of lies about me not being a mod but i am i work for cp until then waddle on

  29. Yo Bilybob your a dumba** know your not Billybob because 1 you spelled your name wrong. 2: yes he is a mod. 3: People use the name billybob every where and they arent him.

  30. ya that is not billybob

  31. and rockhopper is coming back i think the new idam is a Gold PUFFLE! Why? Because he is a pirte and pirte seach for GOLD! and i saw a gold puffle on the 1 in the forset where york said it was and he was Right. And a new puffle furniture is coming! Gold puffle Bed and stuff

  32. Bilybob is a faker he comment bad sfutt usein my name and gjmc784

  33. hey your a fake billybob

  34. I promise you i am not a fake until then waddle on

  35. Billybob and Fanny234 are the same i could see ur ip

  36. What that billybob was a fake i cant trust any billybob any more until then waddle on all i am wondering is how did he know our plans

  37. we all know how loads of people fake being billybob

  38. Hi its the fake billybob i just wanted to say i am sorry very sorry i just wanted to see what it would be like talking as billybob and fanny234 is me yes once again i am sorry i hope you can forgive me

  39. You should be sorry i will forgive you just dont do it again

  40. thnx for forgiving me i am changing my name to fake billybob i hope everyone can forgive just like turk did

  41. HI its fake billybob here the dojo party is not real i should not of triyed to trick you and turk i am sorry to you to if you want who my penguin is its cool dfg

  42. oh my god i cant belive it was you i was sure you would not do anythinglike that were you paint boy 100 to

  43. paint boy 100 was here

  44. hi its fanny 234 just so you know the fake billybob is not me i dont even know him so you were wrong

  45. when i said paint boy 100 was here i dont know if it was him or someone else

  46. hi i am new i saw you all talking about billybob who is billybob

  47. billybob is a mod

  48. hi fake billybob here i learnt lot of futere ideas for cp now i know turk is a mod so plz dont ban me for hacking cp

  49. oh my god so your a hacker to you are very silly i have to ban you friend or no friend i am sorry

  50. Hi i am a the real billybob just here to say i am going to ban you for hacking

  51. i am going on club penguin right now to ban you

  52. what are are future plans for cp ps keep playing cp

  53. what

  54. i said what are the future plans for cp

  55. oh er they are it is er er a new game writing poeples names that the new game

  56. you are another fake billybob

  57. i am not a fake you are a fake i know you are tuhj

  58. me fake ha if i knew your penguin i could ban you cause i am a mod but there is no reason to ban you so i wont

  59. i am not a fake i know what your real name is huhan stop it huhanstop being so mean

  60. how am i being mean and my name is not huhan

  61. i know what you mean turk how are you being mean your not

  62. hey stop arguing



  65. : ) :):):):):):):):):):):)




  69. *cough* *cough* ninjaz arent coming yet. maybe next year. *cough* *cough* LOL

  70. lol brent

  71. Yeah,I’ve heard enough arguing 2day.I went paint balling 2day and,1
    of my friends got shot 3 feet away.We told the ref he didn’t care.He said
    “Oh it’s just paintball.”So,after that we had a big argue.L8ERS


  72. ninjas are coming

  73. hi its me bilybob just saying secret dojo party tommoe at the dojo be there i will bei n the sever

  74. FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOB POSER

  75. hi its me giu

  76. Hi guys i just saw o ninja o

  77. I have no fucking idea who giu is…I’m the real theyt3 WHY DOES EVERYBODY FAKE AS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  78. 😡 WHY WHY WHY

  79. WHO’S GIU



  81. MEMEME&SHUTUP you better watch your mouth you can get in serious trouble at school or at home.Still you better watch your mouth.

  82. i know turk9000’s real name. i know him in real life.

  83. who is billy bob
    Gjmc784: He is a main Mod for CP.

  84. can i see him


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