Posted by: Gcruler1 | October 15, 2007


Sorry I have not been on the computer much lately. Ive became friends with an old friend again, and my dad recently merged into another business, and so Ive been going in and helping him move stuff and destroy stuff with the sludge hammer( not as much fun as whenwe took down our swing set 🙂 ). Plus, remember SSBM? I went over to my friends, and he was playing it( he lost his mem. card ) and put in my memory card, it asked if he wanted to overwrite the data on my save. He chose yes by accident. That was that. So now today I bought SSBM to get back to where I was ( last time it took me 6 MONTHS ). But I know a lot more about the game now, so it shouldnt be that hard.




  1. well ive been looking for a job in club penguin for a long time. but i just dont have the money to buy the clothes/or become a member so i would look forward in to looking for a job for my pengiun!!

  2. oh thats nice sort of Yay I’m the first


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