Posted by: Gcruler1 | October 20, 2007

Check out the RBs site

Im chosing an assitant leader for the RBS. Now its only a list of few people so I cant chose any one of you.

Once I make the decision, the RBS site will be updated more often. And Jessica, your party is 6PM our time(we both live in same time zone) and I will have to leave for about 10 minutes duing it, but otherwise I will be there. Unless its for a half hour, I should be there whole time.


Also remember the Gjmc Business page, Ill get you a free penguin picture.


  1. I’m the east coast time zone does that mean your an hour before or are we in the same time zone?

  2. oh wait you are in my time zone! 🙂

  3. I’m so stupid 😳 I just noticed that its 3:00 PST and that means 6:00 for me n’ stuff.

  4. im in us central time

  5. man i am mad CP isnt’ letting me on (i might miss my own party

  6. jessica u can get on vegie tales then

  7. you will let me use him i think its just my computer but ill try

  8. why does it have to start on November ❓ 😕 ?


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