Posted by: Gcruler1 | October 20, 2007


Guys thankm you so much. We have been puring in hit after hit. We almost broke our record on a school day! Normally we dont get more then 100 on a school day! We need a few more hits and we will of breaken the biggest record Ive ever seen. 200 hits+ for 7 days in a row! On my old site, in its Golden age, it wasnt even this good! Its record was 8 days, so we need 500 more hits within 3 days to break my record. Also Jessica about the party, I hope its only about a half hour, cause Im not gonna be on almost all of today and tomorrow. I hope I am though.




  1. Sure gjmc it can be half hour

  2. thank you. so from 6-630 our time?

  3. im US central time what time zone are u

  4. eastern

  5. i live in
    Ft. Walton Beach Florida


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