Posted by: Gcruler1 | October 21, 2007


Sorry guys. I got up at 7:30(4:30PST) and went to 8AM mass. then picked up mcdonalds for breakfeast, dropped off it at home (except fpor what I got, which I ate in the car) then went to my dads shop. Now this time, we destroyed so much stuff, and brought home so much stuff. There was a photoshoot on our side of our building, so we go to take the elevator when we brought shop records from our floor (4th) to the car. Then I came home, ate lunch,m played with friends, and now im here. Later! Thanks for getting us over 330 hits today! You guys rock!



  1. 😦 hacked on wordpress again sucks dude

  2. ok wordpress is pissing me off! i can now login!


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