Posted by: Gcruler1 | October 22, 2007

I dont get it

Most of my best friends On CP are removing me! Yay Puffles removed me, and so did Enginefire! But she accepted my request. Im losing my buddies….Also Gjmc785 called me gay and said F*** gjmc. And my ignore list/people ive reported is 7 pages! almost 8!

I dont know what to do

gjmc784 😦

ps: Yay puffles said he NEVER removes anyone….he removed me.



  1. I will NEVER remove u

  2. I’m getting confused who said gjmc was gay himself I don’t get this. By the way I wouldn’t remove someone if they are on a lot or has something that I really like about them I would remove someone if it was the opposite of what I said.

  3. oh and I think you should make the mad face if you are mad.

  4. or if you know how

  5. ok. it was Gjmc785. not gjmc784. that imposter! then he asks to be my buddy!

  6. ahaha that loser! i wAS EVN THERE! that fag!

  7. Hey i’ll be ur friend be on at 5:30 at mammoth the iceberg.or reply to see if u want to do something else.


  8. Me and you r friends 4 ever i wont remove you unless you talk about my momma. LOL

  9. lol soldier lol

  10. what if i say yo mamma hot? lol

  11. yo mamas hot ya what now

  12. Yay Puffles removed me ages ago! Well not me, it was my other penguin Superspec and if I remember rightly he asked me…

  13. enginefire deleted u? i will talk to him ok?

  14. hey G
    i won’t get rid of u!!!!
    u rock!

  15. gjmc,id never remove you you removed me but im still holding on because i have faith in you im one friend youll never losejust know that ill always be here for ya


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