Posted by: Gcruler1 | November 4, 2007

Im a nonimee for penguin of the week

On BlueTony’s Piczo! THIS ROCKS! I thought Id never be a nonimee in it! Its me vs Car23 Trey10, Ce47, Jedii, Luke500, Italy135796. I think Jedii or Car23 Trey10 will win. I bet I come in last, Also You guys rock on the Rate This Site page. Thanks! You can vote for a penguin of the week at:


  1. ok cool

  2. your winning youve got 40% and the others either have 20% or 0% i voted for u 🙂

  3. now 4 people including you are down to 25% cause only 4 people voted and 2 other people have 0%

  4. i vote for u gjmc

  5. Me too

  6. your gonna win! DUUUUHHHHHHH! ur like da cooliest penguin ever cuz you started dis site

  7. wow mr Gjmc784 you are gonna win!
    you and mr York’s site rocks!
    Talk to ya later
    Gjmc784: Thank you

  8. oh


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