Posted by: Gcruler1 | November 6, 2007

Hey guys

Its closed for now…Gjmc784 will not be meeting anyone anymore. Now the new generation has begun

(drum roll please…. bam bam bam drumming drumming)

Vegie Tales4 will now be meeting people. Im not quiting on Gjmc784 though. The last people I will be meeting on Gjmc784 is John Senor,and possibly Flyliper and Gator360 and (for sure) Mohd222. So Vegie Tales4 likes to hang out on random places on Frozen or Snowy River. I might make a Find Vegie Tales widget on the side. Then that way you will know when Im on Vegie Tales4. If Im not on one of those servers it will say Meeting someone or new stuff or Offline. This may not work. Im gonna be on Frozen at either Ice burg or Dance Club or dock right now. Later



  1. This Site Rock

  2. Cool site!


  3. thats okay. im ur friend on both

  4. Pooka, that is a name of a wolf on the sims 2 that can turn you into a werewolf.


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