Posted by: York0910 | November 8, 2007


Read NewsPaper Here

The newspaper is out today so this is what you need to know:
There is going to be a Suprise Party and we can decide what it would be like! The options are Sports Party, Pirate Party and Western Party!
There are news about the contruction things going around CP.
Rockhopper will be back tommorow and there are tips on how to find him!
The featured game this week is Sled Racing.
Aunt Arctic answers questions about The Green Puffle on the speaker in the Night Club and Pizzatron 3000.
The secret this week is telling you where you’ll find secrets!
There are jokes, riddles, poems and comics.

Upcoming Events:
Nov 9:
>> Rockhopper returns
>> New pin hidden

Nov 16:
>> Plaza Contruction complete
>> New furniture catalog
– Gear up for winter in style!

Nov 23:
>> Suprise Party begins
>> New Pin hidden

Nov 30:
>> New Puffle furniture catalog




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