Posted by: Gcruler1 | November 10, 2007


You guys did it! You are THE best! Thanks guys you rule. I hope we can get as many or alsmost as many hits again tomorrow! Although I got church. So Ill be gone from about 8AM PST to 10:30AM PST. But I got to go outside and rake the leaves and play with my friends(finally have 4 people to play football). So Ill see you guys later,



  1. Awesome! Football is my fav sport. I play Pop Warner. Do you? I play for the St. Augustine Saints.

    Gjmc784: I only play 2 on 2 pick up games with neigbors. Then at school I play pick up games. Im gonna try to join the 8th grade team next year.

  2. Oooh! Congrats!


  3. omg omg omg i got an im from ashley tisdale and miley cyrus!

  4. yeah right you liar no one’s gonna believe you

  5. no really it was them ahsley’s screen name it tutie flutie717 and miley’s is PinkPokeadot95
    A worker: Have you ever heard of a thing called “Imposter”


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