Posted by: York0910 | November 11, 2007

Is Over

York0910 N Alexcheers Turn Love

She Is To Young.She lie to me saidin the she was 12 but she not she is 10.

Im 13 years old


  1. yeahhhh its true so dont be commenting with comments like “yeah right” or “ewwwwwwwwww”

  2. so very romantic i hope your lives are filled with joy

  3. ok? And I didn’t do what your doing ha! I’m gonna test a smiley :puke: lets see if it worked

  4. Puke is what some people would probably be trying to do
    Gjmc784: hey soccer dont be like that. if you get a bf we will make fun of you. we can cause u made fun of them. so ur gonna laugh at me or ogo if we ever get girlfriends?

  5. congrats with ur gf. hey since u guys are like pro hackers do u know if the clothing hack works yet. cuz when i use wpe pro and type in the code it says “sorry this item does not exist” well cya


  6. hey man york ur lucky.

  7. lol

  8. Congrats on the new bf and gf.Hope lives are filled with joy,love,and

  9. congrats york0910

  10. SO!!! My dad fell in love with someone 7or more years younger.

  11. For my comment #5 I seriously wouldn’t be laughn’ I’d say it is gross if I see 2 geeks making out on the streets in public New York City and anyways I’m a boy so I wouldn’t be talkn’.

  12. Oh wait I made fun of them sometimes when I say something it comes out wrong and other people say it really means something else.

  13. By the way what is wrong with girlfriends and boyfriends

  14. soccer793 i dont care about ur dad life,i care about my own life i dont like girls the are that youg i like girl 12 and up not 12 and down

  15. York add my site to the blogroll Its

  16. Oh ok nevermind then 🙂 I don’t even know why I said that.

  17. soccer ur a boy!!!!!! u told me u were a girl!!!!!! sex change u must of gotten. lol

  18. Can you help me get meebo?!

  19. ok? And since when did I tell you I was a girl?

  20. I need help with meebo too

  21. :O u broke up!

  22. yeah i know ogo! wait arent you on vacation

  23. no it ended todAY

  24. ppl i need hits can you go on my site click on my name or go to

  25. Wait , Did you meet over Club Penguin or in real life , because your too young to date online.

  26. its over


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