Posted by: Gcruler1 | November 13, 2007

Not saome good info….

I gotta tell you guys sometin

I feel almost all better. Ill be on for a while too.

Now for what I have to tell you

I have a Gamecube as most of you know. I have 6 games for it. 3 Memory Cards. 20+ saves on it. The three games I play Most are SSBM, Animal Crossing, and NFS Most Wanted. Im thinking about either A. borrowing more games from my friend. B. Asking my friend if I can keep them if he aint want them. C. Buy them

Those “them” games are

  • Super Mario Sunshine: Brand new and start all over
  • Paper Mario Thousand Year door: Brand new and start over
  • Legend of Zelda Windwaker: Finish Second Walkthorugh (almost there to finishing it)
  • Pikmin 2. Keep beatin save, start on other Memory Card from scratch.
  • SSBM: Got game, just gotta finish unlocking everything

Im thinking of accomlishing Legend of Zelda Windwaker first. Pikmin 2 is a fun game that took me forever but beat it, and it was just so fun. Though if I start [playing it, its gonna take while to beat, same with Paper Mario Thousand Year door. SSBM I could play in between.

Most of you probally think Im quiting becuase of how Im worded that. Relax. Im not. Im thinking about taking a month break. Now Ill be on for my party Saturday though. Ill be on Fridays to read newspaper and see new stuff. Might be on Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings on AIM and MSN. So York you will be in charge of this site till I am back. I hope you ll understand cause I really need a break. Its only cause I am so tired. Later


P.S. Im gonna try to be on the computer today. Tomorrow will most likely be my last day before I start my break.



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