Posted by: Gcruler1 | November 13, 2007

Well a problem with taking a break

  1. My friend lost his copy of Super Mario Sunshine
  2. Who knows who has his copy of Pikmin 2
  3. Im gonna buy Super Mario Sunshine, just not till weekend
  4. He won’t let me borrow his copy of Paper Mario Thousand Year Door (says he will then have EVERYMario game. I say u dont got every system and game he has been in.)

If anything my break will start Sunday. Unless I can get to Gamestop or Target beforehand.

A Gjmc784 that just doesnt know


  1. Cool

  2. Oh in other news can someone tell me why I got banned on cpnightclub

  3. you copy ppl post to much

  4. I have a copy of the first super mario game! ya know, the one you played on the old game boy… terrible graphics…boring levels….bad animation….weird bosses…..impossible to complete…….not being able to save….. YEP! Nothing beats the classics!
    Gjmc784: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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