Posted by: Gcruler1 | November 16, 2007

New stuff

The new theatre stage is out! It’s awesome! Check it out now!dnjfnbkdfnbkj.png

Cp staff changed the map and added the outside of the theatre onto the map.


This is the outside look of the theatre. It looks like a Classic Movie place.


This is the inside look. It’s really cool cause you can walk on the walls to sit on the top seats and there is a script and costumes!


You just click on the phrase to say the line.


These are the costumes. My personal favourite was the robot one.


Once again there is the yellow puffle. He appears on the high seats thing at both sides. You have to wait for 15 minutes to see it or you can do it my secret way. Just click on the puffle head statues rapidly and wait for 3 seconds and the puffles pops up.


If you haven’t seen it well here it is. The theatre was used to fill up the blank screen at the HQ. So the theatre was planned ages ago.

Thanks to Yippiyo who I borrow the pics from. His site:

The Log cabin Igloo came back. The snow furniture camer back also they added two new items. Later



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