Posted by: Gcruler1 | November 17, 2007

Gjmc Business is back baby!

Lol. Well Ive made a brand new penguin, Monkey Guy13 (go figure) and he is my test penguin. Meaning I will reopen the Gjmc Business page! Now all of you who wish to have that cool penguin can request something and be ahppy! I gotta check my resources to see what the newest stuff is. Ill probally be acb kup and running again tomorrow morning.

Also: Tomorrow I gotta go to church and do leaves(we ahve many trees). So if Im on I dont know when it’ll be. Later




  1. oh dont say im a liar, if i came early then how the hell did all those ppl come??? maybe u were in the wrong server cause i was at the iceberg then i went to everywhere 🙄

  2. kl

  3. not about you doing leaves about gjmc business

  4. mohd i was in mammoth. i even logged off and back on 3 times.


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