Posted by: Gcruler1 | November 23, 2007

Gjmc Buddy List: November edition

Hey guys. I filmed this movie at least 3 hours ago. I played around with it on my editin systems, no juice. But here is the final version:

P.S. I will add my vids (only my good ones) to Brents Vidz page soon.



  1. cOOl i’m in it!!

  2. I only look plain because I was with these guys who where on the dojo wall and it freaked me out how their names all began in order with ninja to the left there was Ninja124 in the middle there was Ninja125 and to the right there was Ninja126 so I said I want to be a ninja and they where plain black except for the middle which was plain navy blue and when they went down the wall they would appear back in their spots sitting forward so it was freaky!
    Admin 1: No comment…..

  3. blucky118 should really be on there to…

  4. ya but he deleted me so he cant to that!

  5. im in there im Blueboy123

  6. once again nice vid


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