Posted by: Gcruler1 | November 23, 2007

Surprise party, more and more!


The western party is here completeed withn the bandana at the plaza,


Sunset backround at the dock


Cattle Wagon backround at the forest


Needle pin at the cove


Secondly, when I get up every mornin, I open my blinds and look outside: it was brighter then normal. We got an inch of snow cover! It must only be around Cleveland and its suborbs.

Thirdly and finally, Yesterday was Thanksgving, which I hope you all had a good day, and I was playing Super Mario Sunshine about half of the day. Well at around 1PM EST, 10PST, my grandma came and at that time I beat the final episode 7! (town floods after you beat episode 7 of every place). I was all mad becasue I couldnt get back to some areas. Where I came out, was the last place I could enter. If I jumped down, I couldnt use a skill to get back up there, cause that gizmo was gone. So then I entered another place, the only place I could still get to, but it wasnt flooded. So then I went to the final area. Beat the game. Im still palyin to get all the Shines.




  1. York Rocks


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