Posted by: pukalicous | November 25, 2007

Pukalicous is Back!

Hey Guys! Im back from an awesome Thanksgiving break! I went to Delaware Ohio and parts of Columbus for a whole week! I was sad because I couldnt log on because my grandmas computer is very very slow! Well Im back and I hope to see you guys on Club Penguin!




  1. I should of came down there! Thats only about 20 miles south of me! And I was gonna hunt you down! jk

  2. lol =)

  3. Have you made my link yet?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿? (I commented)


  4. Cool!!!!111
    Gjmc784 lives at ohio right?

  5. thats cool =) can u comment on my blog pls? thxs! ur site is kewl its getting better and better!
    Gjmc784: Sure Ill comment a few times on your site. Right now Im just happy this site is back 😀

  6. Wow… I am a loooong looooong way from Ohio!

  7. Welcome back Puk!


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