Posted by: Gcruler1 | November 27, 2007


Well should me and York keep switchin meebo? Who do you want to have it? If you guys say to keep switchin, Ill get meebo back on December 13th, unless York doesnt want it that long.

We dropped below 200 hits yesterday for the first time in over a month. Really, we havent dropped below 500 in at last a week or two. But today and yesterdy shouldn’t count becuase of msaa786.



  1. keep switchin

  2. ya

  3. yeah, its a good idea to keep switching. then its fair. for you both and anyone who wants to talk to u guys.

    Also can you please let me know what Msaa did? He isnt talking to me

  4. lol lol lol, I only hacked denhods site you fools why do you think i would bother with a tip like this . I hacked denhods site for revenge, stupid fools

    And another thing gjmc you havent heard the full story

    back from the dead


  5. gjmc plz post msaa is full of crap


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