Posted by: Gcruler1 | November 28, 2007

Fubnunny pics week soon

Starting this week and all of next, I will make new funny pics. At least one each day. I got three to add already. So you will see some people like Chava713, Blitx55 (maybe) CC(Crazy Catoon [maybe]) York0910, Alexcheers, SLimball, and Vegie Tales4.

This or vids month. I will make at least 2-6 new vids per week. I even have a cool way to make effects without editin them 😀



  1. I always wanted to be in a funnypic but oh well. 😦 But still the old ones are getting boring.

  2. I have to go I’m just testing for something.

  3. I dont really like alexcheers.Anyways you rock gjmc/york!!

  4. lol, why do u ignore me 😦
    Gjmc784: ?


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