Posted by: Gcruler1 | November 30, 2007

Its the start…I hope not of the end

Hello everyone. Gjmc here. Well Advent starts soon. December and January are the hardest times for me. December is all about Christmas, and end of year stuff. January is the start of the new year and new year stuff. Febuary comes my birthday, and its on a Sunday, so if I have a party, It would be anytime before or after week. March is just a slow month with Easter on our tail. April is time (normally) of Easter break, and May is waiting for end of school year to end. June is bein outside all day long having as much fun as possible. July is about goin to parks and playin with friends more. August is back to normal. Then until early December, its fine. What I dont like is I joined when eveything was fine. I will still be on but it will be limited. I am not saying I am quiting, But I do know this: Someday, I dont know when, I will quit wordpress. I will leave it to one of the other people. When I quit wordpress Ill be on the verge of ending CP. I mean next year Ill be in eight grade. And this year already is so hard. I mean Im just getting bye in 2 subjetcs. If I get any D+s or below, it does not look good for my computer time. Ive started to try my hardest, because I crumbled at the end of last quarter.
I have been barely getin by so far this quarter. I am gonna try a lot harder and really break from the computer. This means I will only be on for school related stuff and at night maybe. Im gonna leave some of my stuff to work just in case, cause Im in a hardspot with my family (I havent done anything). So I guess this means good bye….for now…




  1. c yah buddy

  2. bye and even though I do no school related things I still get straight As

  3. March or May is the hardest part in my year especially since it is extended 2 days longer then 3rd grade The New Jersey Ask Test and it takes 4th graders 5 days around New Jersey.

  4. gjmc what happend i wish we could go back 3 months in time back to summer and get things untangled your me best friend heck we even have the same birthday feb 4 lets go back to when we used to play our games together and just fool around and be friends


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