Posted by: Gcruler1 | November 30, 2007

Yellow Puffle is here…Members only :C


Yellow puffle is here 😀

Members only :C

I am goin to make a vid on it 😀






  1. If you’re trying to make the sad sign then do : then ( and it would look more like a sad face 😦

  2. There is also a new glitch you can make space for a new row! but it won’t be in a white box like say ANIMAL SHELTER AT XONATTYOXS HOME ON THE MAP! And I am pretty sure if other people do it you will see.

  3. Hello

    Do you want the Yellow Puffle and your not a member? Well, the T.C.P.C. Team has an idea! We made a site called and in that site, you can send us your penguins names and in the futer we will Email Club Penguin about letting the Yellow Puffle be for everyone and the Email will also have all the penguins names that support this campaign! If we get alot of names, mabey Club Penguin will let the Yellow Puffle be for everyone! Please make a post about the !

    Thanks for your support. If you have any questions or comments, please Email us at !

    Thanks!And remember that we CAN make a change!

    -Cena12121 (T.C.P.C. President)


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