Posted by: York0910 | December 7, 2007

New Christmas Clothing

New Christmas Clothing!! 

Hello Penguins!   Made By Club Penguin

We launched the new clothing catalog today and we hope it starts to get you in the Christmas spirit!  We’ve got some really fun stuff planned to help celebrate the holiday season and this is just the beginning!  I really like the “Long Johns,” but as always, we’d love to hear what you think!

Also, the new emotes are on their way, we’re just fixing a couple bugs we found before we launch them.

In other news:  Many of you have noticed that we added “Walt Disney” to our logo.   For those of you who are wondering, Club Penguin as a game will not change and it will continue to be ad free. We are really excited about being a part of Disney and there are a lot of things we’re working on together to make the Club Penguin experience even better.   I wish I could share all of them, but they will have to be a surprise for now…

Until then… Waddle on!

– York0910



  1. Hi,
    Its Detroit87 I will meet you in
    Club Penguin sometime. But my
    CPU has been running slow so I
    can’t approve comments. Just
    E-mail me using the e-mail in this
    comment to see what time is good

  2. York and Gjmc are the best

  3. Do you know if you can REALLY tip the ice burg? A lotta people try, but they probably never did…It just looks like a backround to me!

  4. eny more!!!


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