Posted by: Brent10009 | December 11, 2007

New Msn and Yahoo “Virus”

Hey. Just so everyone here knows, there’s a new Msn and Yahoo virus. If you want your computer to be safe, stay off Msn and Yahoo. It is a very dangerous virus. It can delete everything in your computer quickly. Here is an old picture of what it can do. This virus can do the same or worse.

Picture of Damage

Since the program is named “Tanya____” That ‘retarded’ person probably created it.
More information coming soon. If you go on Msn or Yahoo anyways, don’t chat with people you do not know and trust. Don’t click ANY links what so ever, and download files from them. I highly suggest you tell everyone you know about this, and stay off Msn and Yahoo.

~Brent10009 Productions


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