Posted by: Gcruler1 | December 14, 2007

My Grandma is in the hospital

All I know is I may be at the hospital for almost 9 hours. It doesn’t sounds serious though. I could stay home but I aint. Ill post the new stuff sometime. I have no clue when. So pray my grandma is ok. If my Aunt stays at the hospital we don’t have to go out there that whole time. So I don’t know. Also there is a very bad storm on its way to my city. 4-8 inches in one day. So I may get snowed in. I hope the power doesn’t go out cause all I have then is to sit around sleeping, or trying to sleep.


You will know Im at the hospital if I aint online or post. If I am online that means I either stayed home (which I aint gonna)


  1. Hey I was in the EYE OF THE SNOW STORM!!! Which gave me more than a foot!


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