Posted by: Gcruler1 | December 16, 2007

Well Im gonna break from vids

I mean I suck at making them. Scary Movie 1 was the best Ive made. So Im gonna take a break from makin vids. Last one I make for year is my buddy list which will come later.

I was outside before, One of the walls of my padio was starting to collapse then I shoveled.



  1. What the f*ck? Dude, you have to try to make good videos, they don’t suck, and your not hated! I don’t get why you have to quit video making. I barely get and views on my videos either, and I’ve been making videos for a while… Hide in a box?

  2. WHY? and brent10009 is right.

  3. Well you edited the post so LETS SEE SOME VIDS!


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