Posted by: Gcruler1 | December 21, 2007

Christmas party + Pin!

Here is new stuff:

Almost evry room is decorated

New stuff:

  • Dock
  • Snow Forts

Pin is in Lodge Attic

I purposely didnt say what so I wouldnt ruin the fun 😀

And the bell is still in the Plaza and Beach

The only places (like Night club and places inside) inside decorated are Lodges(attic too) and Night CLub.

Ill be home late tonight,



  1. you go early too!

  2. The book room looks like a room for a funeral.

  3. The ice burgh looks like the grinch stole Christmas there.

  4. I made and thought of the wreath and the reindeer antlers. Even check my wordpress.

  5. Ya It does look like a funeral but it is scrudge

  6. or charlie brown at the ice berg

  7. Holla!

    Good post! But you need pics 😉

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  8. the beacon is decorsted too


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