Posted by: Gcruler1 | December 24, 2007

PLanet Cozmo cheats

I play Planet Cozmo, and my betas are gjmC784 and Vegie tales4

My good friend IDB, has helped me with some stuff, like buying stuff and getting Ninja Outfit.

To get cool stuff for your house like TV and rugs and that, go to Decorate your house.

Go to Interior and shop. You should see two red arrows. CLick them a few times and you will come to cool stuff.

Also do you think we hack out hits? Nakib says we do! He thinks we get get 10,000 hits a day from hacking hits! If that WERE true we’d have a ton more hits then just 36,000!

Comment on what you think about that please.



  1. We dont hack hits

  2. how do u get the ninja suit?

  3. hey g whats the planet cozmo site?


  4. Hacking hits? NO WAY! You don’t hack hits! You’d have way more if you hacked hits.


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