Posted by: Gcruler1 | December 25, 2007

Yea best Christmas ever…

It sure does rock!

All I got was a new hat, yarn a movie, and Knex.

I like the new Indians hat. I needed it. But I also wanted the Knex. It came with legos! And they ruined it by making small versions of the old pieces. And the building instructions, the manual, showed pictures and amounts of everything. With the legos, it showed a pic of some stuff, the book said it was even across, but the real thing was odd. (If you have ever seen legos, Im talking about the things on top). My sis got money and expensive stuff. The thing that probally was the most was probally my hat, which they are about $14.

Ill probably be on all day, even though I didnt figure Id be on much. I may not be on unless Im intending the fire we got going.

Best Christmas ever.

I just looked upsatirs again, my sis got like 7 things and $20 were I got 4 things.


All I have good is my hat and enough money to make all my penguins members.



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