Posted by: Gcruler1 | December 26, 2007


Hey guys. Ogo is outa town for the next week or two. So Im in lead of RBS again.

I have recently opened up the RBS Bounty Hunter site, and Leader spot for it is open. Thats the URL for it.

And The Judges from The RBS Delta are out. Head Judge is open. Go to and comment.

The leaders will be Chosen on Thursday, December 27th, 2007. So Hurry up if you want a spot! If you arent in the RBS And want to try out for Head Judge or Lead Bunty Hunter, go to

Then you can join. Yes RBS is getting stronger, with many more divisions. And the Echo Force will be out soon. That will make 4 Divisions off the Main RBS. We have about 30 soldiers, and thats only soldiers. There are a few Deltas, no Bounty Hunters, no judges, no Echos. But thats because they have all be released at the same time. Once the leader of the Bounty is chosen, He or she will get control over the Bounty Site.


Second Leader, Adviser, Delta Leader, Founder, and Veteran, all of the RBS.

***RBS does not stand for Royal Bank of Scotland***


  1. 1st comet here.

    What dose RBS mean?

  2. Recruiting Blue Team
    Soccer you dont know what RBS stands for? How sad….

  3. You gotta join to find out 😀


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