Posted by: Gcruler1 | December 31, 2007

Say a Prayer for Aguair

Word has it on his site he is in a coma. Now this is serious. If you dont know what a coma is, its a deep sleep that you cant be cured while your in it. A lot of people who go into comas….never come out. So Pray for Aguair that he does come out and is ok. Comas are life threatining and can change peoples lives. He appearantly was on bike going to his friends and a car hit him. Thats what a post by his real life friend made on his site says.

So take a minute and pray for him.




  1. 😥

  2. 😦
    thats so sad ;(

  3. I hope he fine

  4. Gjmc784, call me what you want, call me mean, call me stupid, idc!

    Aguair, why do you care about him? Thousands of people get comas… and you don’t even know this person. It makes no sense for people to pray for somebody else if they don’t even know who the person is. What will they say “I hope um….. the guy named Aguair on the internet gets out of a coma”? seriously

  5. I hope hes ok. 😦

  6. ogo the reason we care is that know that person in real life or not no one in this world deserves to be in a lifethreatening sitchuation like that


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