Posted by: Gcruler1 | July 2, 2008

Who wants this blog?

I don’t want it anymore. Im, not deleting it. No one wants it, Ill remove myself and it will be impossible for me to be removed.

Just comment saying your name (first) and your email and if you have a blog, the Url to it. It does not ahve to be about Club Penguin. If someone who wants it not for Cp, Ill help them with it.

And if no one wants it, I might just start it into a Gamecube blog. Who knows.

The one and the only, Club Penguin hater, Gjmc784.



  1. hey awesome post i was wondering if you could put me on your blog roll that would be great.
    hear is the link!
    -Blog removed for spamming-
    ps i want this blog!
    Read this post again then comment.

  2. Ill take over
    Read the post then comment again.

  3. Robert (robcp1)

  4. if i acualy get it comment on my site

  5. If it is your nickname then- soccer793
    No I mean REAL LIFE name

  6. Owner chosen.

  7. thanx for commenting on my sit eim really happy to be able to use a blog this great. I wil follow ur rules and keep it a good site. I would like one of my admins on my site to be able to work here to his name is jabs 16 he is really helpful if it is ok with u. Also my email is
    thank u very much for letting me id like to transfer the stuff fromm my site to this one fi i can comment bac thanx
    You can comment again with Jab 16’s email and a link to his blog (if he has one).

  8. also i would like to be admin i promise not to delete it but i cant do headers and design without being a admin i have many friends and can get this widely known so it will be very popular in the future but plesae make me admin i guess its ok if u dont but i promise u can trust me ask anyone on my blog

    Well…I was hoping to keep the current design. And Header…because usually someone new changes it, and the viewers start to not like it.

    In response well i have a few friends that are really good at headers so people will like it uhh i mad the one at my site they said it was the best but adobe ran ouyt so i will only order headers from really good people which i have a few in mind uhh well what do u want me to do??? do u want me to transfer all my pages to this or wut? comment back thanx
    -Robcp1 get jabs email after this and comment it

  9. Club Penguin Years Would Like Owning The Site. We Have Other People’s Sites That We Own. Like Orangepen195’s Site.

    If You Agree For Us To Own Contact Us At

    Edit: No. Anyone whop enters is lucky I don’t give them my word of day.
    The contest is over. Someone won it, I removed them xause they smalled funny.


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