Posted by: Gcruler1 | September 24, 2008

Da big 5oK!

I havent looked at this blog since….my last post before yesteryday.

Well were over 50K hits.

For all of those who know me from club penguin and I say I dont remember you (which I probably won’t)

and then I say I hate Club Penguin, dont curse me out.
Cause Ill say stuff back, but I won’t be mean…that mean…unless you say something that makes me mad or Im in a bad mood. I think Club Penguin is dumb because of people who played it. Wwe Adam….Gator 360…Chewy Pup….shall I go on? Im glad Wwe Adam quit. Lol, he told me he was 11 like last year, and on his blog he said he was almost 15 (he might of said 12…).

Well don;t hate me cause I don;t like Club Penguin. Just don;t talk to me and I wont get in your face.



  1. 😦 whatever it happened already

  2. Cries..well hey is alexcheers ;]
    i remember the good old days with ogo you york soccer, hehe theyt, and sooo many others. I still talk to york and theyt but, onyou. Ive giving up hope. I still chec this site hoping youll say IM BACK. But ive giving up hope. I wish you stuck to ur promise that you would still talk to me. but you didnt. im still waiting for everyone to come back. its just me playng cp now…haha yes i still play..i can never let go… to you guys. Gjmc and Ogo..forever and for anyone that plays pc. i have a cazmo named planetcamogirl…and i still love you the brother i never had ;[
    ADMIN: MOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. DUUUDE omg do you remember me from planet cazmo. its Monicaxoxo come back to PC. we miss you!
    <3Monica, P-CAP 12

  4. LMAO MONZ ;]

  5. WTF GJMC!? MOO!?you ass. i thought you still cared about your friends here.
    Admin: Moo is my favorite word.
    And I stillcare about old friends….at least those who were my friends (unlike Mohd who ended up being a big….).

  6. *tears up* SO YOU DO CARE ABOUT ME?!? Right? lol. Your missed by alot. i hope you know ;]
    Admin: Yea I still care about my old friends. I just don’t show it very much.
    I do know Im missed a lot. But I am never coming back. I might plan on going on Runescape for a bit, but only to say hi to Ogo.

  7. haha. i understandd. Can i aim you or would you prefer for meh to talk here? *VIRTUAL HUG*
    haha remember alexcheesiess? lmao. i know you hate cp so i wont even TALK about that ;] ahaha yeah you heard right, I PLAY CP ;] lmao im like the only one now. Ogo still does secretly. haha. i found out like a month ago. he was all like uhh, hi. and i was like you sooo quit alright. im bored so imma talk a while. mah i really acually quit except for cp a little. mah big sis, jenna play pc. hername is PlanetCazmoGirl. ;] shes 56 days old and had like 10 bfs on pc so far lmao COUGH slut COUGH haha jk. people talk about you hardly. except slimball lmao. he still goes on and on bout you. he even made a mean yt vid to prove ur mean. haha but i dont care bout those things. notic i call you gjmc. thats caause ull always be gjmc to me, not george. if ya prefer meh to do that i will, but if its doesnt matter to you, imma call you gjmc. lmao this is so random ;] I have a new wp. its you dont have to but try to check it out. i think is better than ;] well, imm alet you go. have a great night ;]

    Alexcheesies ;]

    Admin: I’ll check that blog out if I can get a chance (which means I wil check it out later today).
    Whats the video he made about me? (URL). He aint know my new youtube, so I can tell him off 😀
    My aim remains the same, so if you want you can talk to me on that.

  8. okay? so delete my comment? wtf was wiff that? gawd.
    Admin: Me no deleted your comments. Unless it was on accident, I didn’t.
    Im the nonly user so it couldn’t of been someone else.

  9. Is this really you Alexcheers?

  10. Yup its me Soccer, I am on my big sisters account but yup this is me(:

  11. lawlz lets go son, get up on mah face i step on it dawg, lol ❤ no homo choob
    Admin: Ey Silva! long time no seen! Whats the hell you saying…?


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