Posted by: Gcruler1 | April 24, 2009

Help Wanted

A lot of you used to want to help out. You still can. One lucky person will!
Between now (April 24) and May  8 (day Medievil party starts) you can enter in this post or any other post made be me (Gjmc784), with the following
Club Penguin User Name: Bob Hope
Member: If I am, yes. Otherwise no.
Email: email here (will be revised out of comment for security reasons)

Thats it! Remember, only on person, selected at random too. Possibly two, but low chance of that.

One last thing. This is to help me out, and this is part of a contest. If you refer me, I get 25 cents.
1. Register
2. When registering, put ‘Cubemaster54’ in the Referral spot (VITAL)
3. Make one post (if you wantm can make more
Then you can do whatever, never go back, stay active, or what ever.
LINK. Click here for Nintendo Daily.



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