Gjmc Business

Under construction. If you request a penguin during this time, it will not be made and your comment will be deleted.
Done ones:




















  1. name:arceus121
    can i just have all the things fano has

  2. and if u can do it a gold puffle

  3. hero786
    black toque
    yellow scarf
    snow t-shirt
    friendship bracelet
    cowboy boots

    /\/\ 5 /\ /\

  4. hell yeah i am the first

  5. no name i want to be msaa456

  6. Head:Blue hat

    Neck:Blue cape

    Body:Red swimsuit


    Feet:Blue sneakers



    Pin:Pirate flag

  7. Name: Angel Spark
    Head: Wizard Hat
    Neck: Lifegaurd Whistle
    Body: White and Red striped Shirt
    Hands: Lasso
    Feet: Elf Shoes

  8. um
    i dont really want anything i hav mostly everything

  9. hero786

    head: wizard hat

    eyes: superhero mask

    face: blue and white face paint

    neck: black tie

    body: ghost sheet

    hands: lasso

    feet: elf shoes

  10. I want the RBS uniform

  11. background: rockhopper signature

    pin: first pin

  12. Name Diceman jr
    Blue viking helmet
    ski gogles
    Blue cape
    black sweater
    Silver surfboard
    Gray sneakers
    four leaf clover

  13. And a golden puffle please

  14. name:Sherbetman22
    head:Beta het
    face:super hero mask
    neck:Red+Yellow tie
    body:red shirt
    hand:red guitar
    shoes:ice skates

  15. Name:Chubymcdovey

    Head:Blue and white face paint

    Neck:Red Scarf

    Body:b ball uniform

    Hands:blue guitar

    Feet:Pink Shocks (type of tennis shoes)


    Pin:smiley Face!
    Gjmc784: There is no “b ball uniform, Pink Shocks, blue guitar and no smiley face pin”. you acn only request items that have once been out on CP before October.

  16. can i have a golden puffle too?

  17. The gold puffle is not an item.

  18. Oh ok well can you get me the other stuff that i asked 4?

  19. guys so u know if u odnt request a backround the one that comes with it is the hockey one, unless i rmember to take it off before i start.

  20. Can you do the same exact thing as the other time you made mine just I want the color blue if you don’t remember I’ll make another comment of it.

  21. Navy blue

  22. This is if you don’t remember:
    Color: Navy blue

    Back Round: I forgot what it was called so the iceburg one with the purple sky.

    Name: soccer793

    Head: Blue baseball cap

    Neck: Normal backpack (red)

    Body: The red zig zaged thing with a drak brown fur part aaround the red part.

    Hands: Sliver Watch

    Feet: Black Sneakers

    Pin: Microphone

  23. Or if your not doing it do the thing on top of this comment! 😀

  24. Is mineAlmost finished and how long will it take

  25. RBS!!!!!!!!

  26. crap! im so sorry guys! im not getting emails saying u requested one! normally i would. ill get to it, i aint got school for the rest of week so I have time

  27. Man, School has been out since sunday 4 me.

  28. why is it that when i went to my penguin it do not look like
    my order it still the same(for diceman jr.)

  29. Hey on my thing i want the band background insted of the target one! When am i gonna get the stuff? PLZ tell me on my site http://www.chubymcdovey.wordpress.com
    ♥ chubymcdovey

  30. Hey i will make a new form!

    Head:Blue&white facepaint

    Neck:Can i have the wistle as a neck item???

    Body:Red swimsuit

    Hands:Red guintair

    Feet:Black snekers

    Backround:The Band backround

    Pin:The microphone
    PLZ visit http://www.chubymcdovey.wordpress.com
    ♥ chubymcdovey

  31. Name: Spongeboyak

    Head: beta hat

    Neck: yellow scarf

    Body: red shirt

    Eyes: Ninja/cow boy eye mask

    Hands: maraccas

    Feet: Cow Boy Boots

    Backround: The Band Background

    Pin: 4 leaf clover pin

  32. Hey can you get me the pink 2story house??????
    ♥ chubymcdovey

  33. name-oscar12309

    head- hard hat

    neck-red lei

    body-black light house t-shirt

    eyes-3d glasses

    hands-freind ship braclet

    feet- sandels

    backround-ice berg

    pin- music note

  34. i change my mind could u please remove my last comment from 11/23/07 pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse
    Gjmc784: Why dont you want me to make you a penguin?

  35. i am just pretty happy wat i have now

  36. name-whale man67

    head-red propeller cap

    neck-lime green cape

    body- western party vest

    eyes-red sun glasses

    hands-hocky stick

    feet-ice skates

    backround- “this is me” backround

    pin-“up box””

  37. umm i dont know

  38. Hey you told me that my penguin was redy where and how do i get it?
    ♥ Chubymcdovey

  39. name: msaa786

    head: beta hat

    face: superhero mask

    neck: lime green cape

    body: nothing

    feet : elf shoes

    pin: shamrock

    background : clubpenguin band

  40. Ok guys. What ever name you requested for your penguin, is what I save it as. For instance, if you pick the name bobwasnthere29075, I will save the pic as bobwasnthere29075
    So you know to make it easier on you. I have them saved under the “Done ones:” SO if it isnt there, I havent gotten to it yet, or ahvent added it yet.

  41. Do thet actually get those things

  42. You want

  43. I really want a black sweater and puffle bandana
    Gjmc784: No name? Then your name will be black. And no the penguins who request them don’t get to keep what they asked for, otherwise people would beleive im a beta 😀

  44. YANKATEER (In capital letters!)
    BETA Hat
    Christmas Scarf
    Blue Coat
    Cowboy boots

  45. Name: Twincer
    Beta Hat
    the red orange n yellow lei
    red sunglasses
    black swearshirt
    red guitar
    green elf shoes
    clouds background or target background
    the 4 leaf clover pin

  46. Name:Theyt3

    Head:Roman Soldier Hat


    Body:Red Board Shorts

    Neck:Red Cape



  47. Background:lighthouse background

    Pin:4 leaf clover pin

  48. Name:Fireball678
    Head:Beta Hat
    Eyes:Super Hero Mask
    Body:Ghost Sheet
    Feet:Elf Shoes
    Neck:Green Cape

  49. name:Ex Speed
    Pin:Life Saver
    Head:Red Propeller Hat
    Eyes:Red Paint
    Body:Lighthouse Shirt
    Feet:Pirate Shoes
    Neck:Cowboy Bandanna

  50. Gjmc,
    Would you help me make a vid?Oh ya be my buddy on Youtube!I asked you.

  51. name-spikelena


    neck-perl necklace

    body-pink dress

    hands-pom poms

    feet-bunny slippers

    eyes-red face painting

    backround-band backround


  52. could u piz chande spikelena penguin.
    could u chand the pin to the sun pin pizzzzzzzzz

  53. name-zendty
    head-black pirate puffle bandana
    neck-black and red cape
    body-what i look like on my site http://zendty.wordpress.com
    hands-sivler watch
    feet-black sneakers
    eyes-normal sunglasses
    backround-night time with the fire
    (What i look like on my site on with the red and black cape)
    GJmc784: Purpose of this is to have an unique penguin with items that you dont have, or items you dont have and some you do.

  54. Name: Pappydrewit
    head: red propeller hat
    neck: striped tie
    body: black hoodie
    hands: hockey stick
    feet: yellow sandals
    color: black
    background: the band
    pin: pirate flag


  55. and one more thing red sunglasses

  56. This site rocks

  57. name Redbutdog
    head Black puffle bandana golden viking helmet romains hat
    Neck Halloween scarf, red cape, green cape, blue cape
    Body black sweater
    Hands Fairy wand
    Feet Brown Sandals
    Back ground Tent
    Pin Sun
    Gjmc784: You can only request one thing. Ill make it what looks coolest.

  58. Does this actually work

  59. Guys, last three reqeusters, your penguins will be made soon.
    No one else request one, because this page is down.

  60. THIS SITE TOTALY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    York0910:thx Bmx Grl

  61. Im gonna go to 1 of those websites

  62. Nice Site

  63. Nice Site

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