The Current Available Pin is the: Wreath Pin @ Lodge Attic, Behind the rocking horse.

1. Shamrock
Coffee Shop

2. Music Note
Pizza Parlour

3. Pot Plant
Dance Lounge

4. Pizza

5. Balloon

6. Lantern
Night Club

7. Beach Ball
Coffee Shop

8. Sun
Book Room

9. Horse Shoe
Mine Shack

10. Astro Ship
Snow Forts

11. Hockey Stick
Ski Village

12. Soccer Ball
Gift Shop

13. Pencil
Book Room

14. Lighthouse

15. Telescope

16. Pirate Flag
Pet Shop

17. Pumpkin
Gift Shop

18. Jetpack

19. Life Ring

20. Fire
Ski Lodge

21. Christmas Tree
CP Newspaper

22. Candy Cane
Night Club

23. Apple
Pizza Parlour

24. Cactus
Coffee Shop

25. Teddy Bear

26. Ice Block

27. Shrimp
Dance Lounge

28. Gold Pot
Attic of Ski Lodge

29. Cardboard Box

30. Microphone

31. Ruby
Ski Village

32. Rose
Sport Shop

33. Starfish

34. Surfboard

35. Picnic Basket
Ski Lodge

36. Water Droplet
Dance Lounge

37. Mine Cart
Pizza Parlour

38. Butterfly

39. Tent
Mine Yard

40. Baseball
Boiler Room

41. Squid
Ski Lodge

42. Circus
The Plaza

43. Paddleball
Snow Forts

44. Hairbrush
Pet Shop

45. Spider

46. UFO
Dance Lounge

47. Needle
The Cove

48. Holly
Coffee Shop

49. Wreath
Lodge Attic


  1. Sweet

  2. i have pin half of the pins (1st few and last few)
    Gjmc784: I have back to the Microphone pin and I think York has back to the Cactus pin.

  3. I was here since the 27th pin

  4. My favorite is tha Shamrock pin!

  5. I mean the

  6. i have all the pins except the first two cuz i havent play sense then. so i have the flower pot to 46

  7. i have 25 and up

  8. I have 37 and up!

  9. i have 38 and up

  10. My first pin was the Cactus

  11. lucky. I got everything back to Mic.

  12. My first was the pirate flag

  13. My first pin was Picnic Basket.

  14. My frist pin was the shamrock

  15. tuner u lie


  17. proof it please
    WITHOUT hacking

  18. My first pin was the shrimp but my favorite is the microphone I wear it a lot I almost never change it.

  19. I hav all the pins

  20. cool i wash i could

  21. i have 18 and up

  22. i have all of them in a beta …lol….(i wish)

  23. yay i was here since the 6th pin!!!!!

  24. la la listen i have all of them

  25. my first one was the jetpack!

  26. coooooooooooooooool

  27. i got all of the pins

  28. i had till the fire pin but 2 months i got banned 😦 soo now i only got 18 pins

  29. i got ll the pins also

  30. i got the 21-47

  31. arr me got all; the pins i wish they made them quicker
    Admin 1: Ok…

  32. iv got all pins i know where all pins are and i know where all pins
    are going to be
    Gjmc784: For one I know your not Chewit Dude. you used the same email for this comemnt and the Rockhopper one you made. PLus IP address dont lie

  33. i started with the candycane and i have the needle now

  34. i started with the candy cane and ended with the needle

  35. My first pin was the ruby!
    Gjmc784: Hee hee that was my second pin 😀

  36. My friends first one is the sun but mine was the 1st one!

  37. number 35 was wrong that was my sister

  38. i have the pirate flag and up

  39. Just saying you’re a week behind!

  40. Oh and my first pin was the Apple!

  41. I have 29 to 48

  42. my first pin was the shamrock

  43. my first was the cardbox from april fools

  44. Mine was the shrimp I remember it was on the top left table just sitting there in the middle i wondered what it was so I went to it and got it.

  45. And I think the ice block was on the mountain near ridge run I saw a pic and I think it was there.

  46. i HAVE 20 to now

  47. no the ice block was at the iceberg

  48. i have 44 pins!!!! starting at the ballon pin

  49. yo you missed 1 the tulip in the gift shop duh

  50. sorry wrong didn’t see it

  51. I have 23 and up

  52. I’m a week older than York!

    York0910:Just one week not alot

  53. you have made a mistake
    the beach ball pin was in the lodge attic at the tip of the sofa
    i have that pin and it was not in the coffee shop

  54. My first one ever was telescop

  55. Eneyone want to talk?

  56. My best freinds is the soccer ball

  57. I sort of want to talk.

  58. I know someones here

  59. You made a mistake the spider was in the pool not
    the cave
    Gjmc784: Those are the same places.

  60. I didint know someones here!

  61. ill talk with ya

  62. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  63. Thanks 4 tellin me Gjmc784

  64. my first pin was the Christmas Tree

  65. I have from the teddybear down.

  66. wow thats amazing it really helps thanxx

  67. My first pin was the microphone but i hate it so i wear all the time the ruby pin

  68. my first was the pumpkin. 😛

  69. my first was the butterfly

  70. mine was the micorphone down i would of started in 2005 but i didnt think it was kewl so i didnt start then OK lets see if u can figure out what i say if u do plz reply back its all in numbers though

    i am @^# on clubpenguin and my brother is @^@ and i have a penguin that is %^& i think well figure it out bye

  71. Ok I think you said “i am 263 on club penguin and my brother is 262 and i have a penguin that is 567 i think well figure out bye”

  72. Dont forget the shovel

  73. am 263 on clubpenguin and my brother is 262 and i have a penguin that is 567i think well figure it out byethis is what you said Princessdirk????

  74. your first pin is the surf board dicemanjr

    York0910:This not the real Chewit Dude.The real Chewit Dude first pin was Shamrock

  75. i know im not dum
    Admin: No you are dumb just you arent Chewit Dude

  76. yes i am

  77. i have 8 to now, but my other account chaiko 1 had the music note pin

  78. i got from 10 to now. Plus, get the new pin in the boiler room

  79. I started from the 23 to now

  80. how did you know where they are?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  81. you’re missing lots of pins
    Gjmc: you’re missing a life

  82. wow u need update this is JULY 2008 BUDDY!
    Gjmc: wow u need to get a life this is a GAY GAME BITCH!

  83. Gjmc if its gay why do u blog about it?

    u shouldent be cursing at viewers either there just saying u need alot more pins THERE JUST POINTING SOMETHING OUT

    gosh! 😦

  84. Sarahoxox, I only told them off because I made it as clear as possible that I quit and the blog would be stopped being updated. They still go and comment “Your missin stuff! Update it!”

  85. oh……. srry i didnt know

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